Stone Carpet Flooring

TechnoFloor Resitop Natural & Resithane NatureFresh Aliphatic Polyurethane Seamless Stone Carpet.

TechnoFloor™ Resitop Natural and Resithane NatureFresh are two exclusive product offerings by Sterling Technotrade India which are joint-free surfaces and natural stone finishes suited for a vast range of commercial environments.

Resitop Natural has been ergonomically designed to reflect the natural beauty of the great outdoors, offering our clients the creative option of coloured stone and marble aggregates. Using natural stone encapsulated in a clear resin, Resitop Natural delivers a textured, non-slip finish that will stand out from the crowd in retail centers or corporate office blocks.

The Resithane NatureFresh Product line offers eye-catching surfaces that stay bright and reflect the natural beauty of outdoors making it perfect for outdoor spaces. The ideal environments for the Resithane NatureFresh products are subject to heavy footfall such as leisure complexes, theme parks, holiday resorts and such other public spaces.

Stone Carpet Flooring Systems