TechnoFresh Antibacterial Resin Flooring

Sterling Technotrade India has an exclusive range of TechnoFresh Antibacterial Resin Flooring line with the objective to satisfy the highest achievable hygiene standards.

The TechnoFresh Antibacterial Resin Flooring systems are an ideal solution for areas such as for meat and fish processing zones, dairies, bakeries, industrial kitchens, catering units, dry and wet processing zones, or any areas where food products frequently come in contact with the floor. It is the resistance to harsh chemicals common in the food and beverage manufacturing industry which makes the TechnoFresh systems a successful product range in the marketplace.

As well, TechnoFresh systems are also a favored choice for pharmaceutical and healthcare environments, providing high sanitation and the maximum reach in cleanability and hygiene.

The polyurethane chemistry also protects against cracking in areas subject to thermal shock and thermal cycling; inside freezers and cold storage rooms, underneath ovens in a bakery or any areas subject to hot water washdowns.

Available TechnoFresh Antibacterial Resin Flooring Systems