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Best Concrete Joint Sealing Contractor in India

Best Concrete Joint Sealing Service in India

Whether you are planning a new construction or need work performed on an existing building, you can count on our experienced team to provide you with a reliable and friendly service regardless of the size of the project. A few of the areas in which we specialize are commercial buildings, kitchens, bathrooms, windows, swimming pools, walkways, driveways, car parks, and shopping centers.

What Makes Sterling Technotrade Different?

With over 2 decades of experience in providing concrete joint sealing services throughout the Delhi NCR region, we have built a reputation for having been reliable and affordable. As a result of the unique formulation of our joint sealant products, they are able to withstand years of exposure to environmental and chemical factors. If you would like to learn more about our concrete join sealing service, feel free to contact us today!

We ensure that all our clients get:

  • Quality products for every need, no matter how small or large
  • We offer free estimates.
  • Certified, licensed, and trained workers.
  • Fast, reliable, and efficient services.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Cost-effective solutions

Concrete Joint Sealing FAQs – What you need to know

Joint Sealing: Why is it Important?

Generally, the building blocks of any structure – like the concrete slab, the glass facade, the roof membrane, and the metal cover – are designed to prevent water, moisture, and air from entering into the building. The weakest points of a building are the joints, which are the most prone to leaks. It is only if you specify and apply high quality joint sealants correctly that you will be able to keep your building or structure permanently tight. 

How do expansion joints get damaged?

There are a number of reasons why expansion joints can become damaged. Some of them can be attributed to mechanical abuse, while others can be the result of poor installation service. In order to create expansion joints, proper planning and the selection of the right materials are of utmost importance.

It is also possible for concrete expansion joints to be damaged due to a change in the use of a facility. Changing the activities within a facility may result in the existing expansion joints becoming unsuitable for the new activities, causing the expansion joints to become damaged as a result. Clearly, this is an excellent example of when you should seek the repair of your expansion joints if you find that they are damaged.

When should I have my concrete Joint Sealing done?

A concrete joint sealer should be applied to joints where there is a potential for water infiltration. This includes areas around rooflines, windows, and doors where water can enter the building. As a result of joint seals, moisture is kept out of the concrete and it is also protected from cracking as a result of the moisture.

Concrete expansion joints: should you replace them?

When it comes to your concrete expansion joints, you should always consult a professional to ensure that they are in good condition and need to be replaced. Most concrete expansion joints will last for 10-15 years without requiring replacement. However, if the joint is cracked or has begun to pull away from the surrounding concrete, it is time to make the switch. By doing so, you will be ensuring that your structure remains safe and sound during any potential weather changes.

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Kshitij Kapoor


Give them a try if you’re looking for a reputed and reliable concrete joint sealing contractor in the Delhi-NCR Region, especially if you’re looking for one with years of experience.

Dinesh Gupta


If you need a contractor who’s reliable and honest, look no further than Sterling Technotrade. I’ve been using their concrete joint sealant in my kitchen for years and haven’t had any problems. The prices they charge are reasonable and the work they do is top notch. They’re awesome! I’d highly recommend them!

Kalyani Sinha


As a Sterling Technotrade customer, I have had an excellent experience working with them. They have been able to seal up several cracks in the flooring of my bathroom and have done a great job at it. Anybody who is looking for a concrete contractor in the future should definitely consider them.

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