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Concrete Aids

Sterling®PPF Fiber is available in various length for concrete from 12mm to 40mm and for plaster and mortar 3 & 6 mm length. It is used to inhibit the formation of small cracks which can occur through plastic shrinkage, premature drying and early thermal changes, in order to provide utilization of the intrinsic properties of the hardened cementitious material. Sterling®PPF Fiber is based on selected raw materials and manufactured under controlled conditions to give a consistent product.

Sterling® Rockset® Conwrap Fibre SF is a low carbon, cold drawn and hooked-end steel Fibres are designed specifically for the reinforcement of concrete, mortars and other cementitious mixes to provide concrete with temperature and shrinkage crack control, enhanced flexural reinforcement, has excellent mechanical properties including high tensile strength, improved shear strength and increase the crack resistance of concrete. Sterling® Rockset® Conwrap Fibre SF will also improve impact, shatter, fatigue and abrasion resistance while increasing toughness of concrete. Sterling® Rockset® Conwrap Fibre SF complies with ASTM C1116, Standard Specification for Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Shotcrete and ASTM A820, Standard Specification for Steel Fibers for Fiber Reinforced Concrete.

Sterling® Rockset® Conwrap Fibre-MF is a polypropylene and polyethylene synthetic structural macro fiber designed to improve the durability and mechanical properties of concrete and to replace steel fibers, welded wire mesh and conventional reinforcing bars in a wide variety of applications where high chemical and corrosion resistance are required. Additional reinforcement of concrete, due to the homogeneous distribution of a huge amount of Sterling® Rockset® Conwrap Fibre-MF throughout the concrete matrix, controls the process of cracking and provides concrete with further reinforcement. Concrete reinforced with Sterling® Rockset® Conwrap Fibre-MF will have three-dimensional reinforcement with increased bending strength, shock resistance and surface abrasive hardness and will also help minimize cracking during shrinkage of concrete. The special corrugated surface of the Sterling® Rockset® Conwrap Fibre-MF provides excellent adhesion to concrete, increasing their effectiveness, especially in shotcrete.

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