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Primer & Coatings Products

TechnoSeal® PS Prime is a two-component, solvent-borne, polyamide-cured liquid primer containing special adhesion promoting agents that prepares non-porous surfaces and surfaces that will be subsequently submerged for the application of TechnoSeal® PS, TechnoSeal® PU and TechnoFlex® range of joints sealants TechnoSeal® PS Prime imparts a surface finish which is very receptive to polysulfide sealants.

TechnoSeal® PrimePlus is a moisture curing, single pack, liquid polyurethane penetrating sealer primer. It improves the adhesion and performance of the coating and membrane, ‘locks – down’ dust and loose materials, improves the spreading and application of the subsequent membranes, provides a penetrative secondary waterproof barrier.TechnoSeal® PrimePlus is designed to provide very good bonding for all kinds of surface top coating and membranes like cementitious, epoxy and Polyurethanes membranes. TechnoSeal® PrimePlus can be also used as a sealer and dust-proofer over dry and damp concrete substrates.

TechnoSeal® FlexiPrime WB is a water-based primer based on acrylic resins with high resistance to alkaline environment and it is used for preparing absorbent substrates. It has excellent penetrating ability creating the suitable conditions for the covering’s adhesion.TechnoSeal® FlexiPrime WB is design to enhance the bonding between the substrate to the membrane and also to acts as a general protective coating that protects concrete masonry & metal structures from corrosive soil salts and ingress of subsurface water. It form a seamless protective and waterproof membrane after drying.

TechnoSeal®EPW is a water dispersible high build epoxy coating system suitable for all applications where concrete or masonry requires protection, primer and finished coats for internal concrete floors and walls where good abrasion and chemical resistance is required.TechnoSeal®EPW is typically designed to provide a hardwearing and cleanable decorative finish on walls and floors either on its own as a wearing surface or in a ‘sandwich’ construction between sand and cement renders. TechnoSeal®EPW is supplied in pre-weighed packs ready for on-site mixing and use. It is applied in the same manner as ordinary emulsion paint with the added benefit of application in damp conditions. Once dried TechnoSeal®EPW leaves a tough, nontoxic, easy to clean surface.

TechnoSeal® Bitucold SB is a quick drying solvent based high build low viscosity bitumen primer. It is used as a primer coat on masonry and concrete substrates to improve the adhesion of bitumen based membranes and coatings. TechnoSeal® Bitucold SB is low in viscosity, which allows it to penetrate into the concrete pores and improve the adhesion between the membrane and the concrete surface. In addition to that, TechnoSeal® Bitucold SB also acts as a binder for the dust particles which gets accumulated on the concrete surface even after cleaning.

TechnoSeal® FlexiPrime SB is a penetrating hydrophobic silane/siloxane based primer. It is used as a primer for Techno Builders Solutions® range of acrylic based protective coating. When applied, it reacts with concrete and masonry surfaces producing a clear hydrophobic barrier that prevents the passage of water and hence protects exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by chloride ions. TechnoSeal® FlexiPrime SB is design to enhance the bonding between the substrate to the membrane and reduce the capillary absorption of construction materials without blocking their pores and capillaries. They therefore do not affect the diffusion permeability. As a result, water vapour can escape unhindered from the masonry, and any damp can dry out.

TechnoPur® Aqua Prime is a two-component, clear, water-based polyurethane primer build coat, suitable for brush or roller application specifically designed to enhance the adhesion of Polyurethane membranes, used in waterproofing, sealing and floor coating applications on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. TechnoPur® Aqua Prime comprised of an “A” component (base resin) and a “B” component (Hardener). After having mixed the two components together in the ratio 1:1 by volume can be used as a primer in waterproofing applications on absorbent surfaces in combination with the TechnoFlex® and TechnoPur® Waterproofing system.

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