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TechnoSeal FlexiPrime SB

Silane Siloxane based hydrophobic primer for solvent based Coatings.


TechnoSeal® FlexiPrime SB is a penetrating hydrophobic silane/siloxane based primer. It is used as a primer for Techno Builders Solutions® range of acrylic based protective coating. When applied, it reacts with concrete and masonry surfaces producing a clear hydrophobic barrier that prevents the passage of water and hence protects exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by chloride ions. TechnoSeal® FlexiPrime SB is design to enhance the bonding between the substrate to the membrane and reduce the capillary absorption of construction materials without blocking their pores and capillaries. They therefore do not affect the diffusion permeability. As a result, water vapour can escape unhindered from the masonry, and any damp can dry out.

Sterling Technotrade