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Concreate Admixtures

STERLING® TECHNOPLAST -A is a liquid concrete admixture that accelerates concrete set time and increases its plasticity in accordance with ASTM C494 Type E and IS:9103-1999.

TechnoCrete® CW103 is a ready-to-use, liquid accelerating and water reducing admixture for producing concrete in cold weather. TechnoCrete® CW103 improves properties of plastic and hardened concrete, provides a significant improvement in early stiffening and setting characteristics in general and especially under cold weather, improved workability and decreased bleeding and segregation. TechnoCrete® CW103 is compatible with air-entraining admixtures and other Techno Builders Solutions® range of super plasticizers, and water reducing admixtures. TechnoCrete® CW 103 does not contain any added chloride ions ensuring that the product does not contribute to the corrosion of reinforcing steel.

TechnoCrete® CIA 30 is a Calcium Nitrite based corrosion inhibiting admixture, designed to inhibit the corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete which is added to the concrete during the batching process. TechnoCrete® CIA 30 reacts with the reinforcing steel to form a passivating layer of ferric oxide which resists chloride attack and thus increase concrete durability. TechnoCrete® CIA 30 provides nitrite ions to compete with the chloride ions and convert the ferrous oxides into stable ferric oxides, hence protecting the reinforcing steel by delaying the onset of corrosion. TechnoCrete® CIA 30 contains no added chlorides or chemicals known to promote the corrosion of steel.

TechnoCrete® BCN30 is a hi-tech concentrated bipolar concrete penetrating corrosion inhibiting admixture that protects rebars from corrosion induced by chloride ions as well as due to carbonation of concrete. The migration of TechnoCrete® BCN30 takes place over a prolonged period of time and hence this molecular layer shall continue to protect steel reinforcement by its constant presence. TechnoCrete® BCN30 is not only active in contact with the steel, but also migrates through the concrete porosity to reach the reinforcement to inhibit anodic and cathodic corrosion processes.

TechnoCrete®AF100 is a multi-component, chloride free liquid antifreeze admixture and water-reducing accelerator used for protecting concrete from frost under low temperature by fast curing properties. TechnoCrete®AF100 promotes higher early and ultimate strengths; especially in concrete exposed to temperatures below freezing. Concrete placed in colder weather with TechnoCrete®AF100 is able to maintain normal set times without the introduction of chloride-bearing components.

TechnoCem™ MicroSilica is a ready to use powdered (silica fume) concrete admixture composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2), collected from silicon metal and ferrosilicon. TechnoCem™ MicroSilica reacts chemically with the calcium hydroxide in the cement paste which yields a calcium silicate hydrate gel that significantly enhances strength and durability. TechnoCem™ MicroSilica fills the voids between cement particles creating a very dense, less permeable concrete. TechnoCem™ MicroSilica contains no added chlorides or chemicals known to promote the corrosion of steel.

Sterling TechFlow® SP200 is a synthetically produced liquid water-reducing & retarding admixture for concrete that has been formulated to give optimum performance in reducing water requirements for concrete. Sterling® TechFlow® SP 200 does not contain calcium chloride or other potential corroding materials; therefore, it may be used in pre stressed concrete or in the presence of aluminum or zinc imbedments. It is compatible with air-entraining agents, water proofers and calcium chloride, but they must be added separately to the mix.

Sterling® Prime-O-Pack is a prepackaged factory quality controlled dry powdered pump primer and pumping aid, supplied for ready-to-use, pre-weighed pouches. It is a unique compound of high performance components, which offers superlative cost reductions by saving time and protecting pumps and pipes. Additionally, Sterling® Prime-O-Pack functions as a concrete pumping aid by reducing line pressure, which enables the placement of hard to pump mixes and increasing the range of pumpability. Sterling® Prime-O-Pack is also environmentally safe and compatible with all conventional concrete materials.

Sterling® RockSet® Rapid-3 is free flowing colorless high versatile concrete additives in liquid form that causes almost immediate setting and very rapid hardening of Ordinary Portland Cement, concrete and plaster. Sterling® RockSet® Rapid-3 is also used as Antifreeze/deicing compound for plain concrete in subzero climatic conditions.

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