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With our master brand Techno Builders Solutions® we offer a SINGLE SOURCE SUPPLY for Turnkey Projects.


TechFlow® MC 40/ MC 60 is a blend of dry powders and graded aggregates which requires only the site addition of clean water to produce a highly consistent high strength free flowing repair concrete that self-compacts. Inorganic cements, special fillers and chemical additives are mixed together to form a fluid micro-concrete. The use of MC 40/MC 60 is suitable for vertical and horizontal structural repairs where the thickness of the repair is greater than 25mm and pourable mortar is preferred over hand or machine applied repairs. Available in 25kg & 30kg.
TechFin® FastPlug is a single component, rapid setting waterproof plugging mortar that is pre-bagged, factory quality controlled, and can be applied on site to leaking cracks and water seepage areas in concrete and all types of masonry. TechFin® FastPlug is slightly expansive and does not shrink. It starts hardening in a few seconds and sets within three to five minutes depending on the temperature. The TechFin® FastPlug is packaged in 30 kg HDPE bag.
Technocoat® Bond EP is a two component, high-build, solvent-free epoxy agent used for bonding old concrete to new concrete, or rendering to old concrete.When used as directed, TechnoCoat® Bond EP ensures tenacious adhesion of new toppings, patching compounds and tile bedding mortars when applied to wet or dry substrates. TechnoCoat® Bond EP is available in composite packs weighing 6 kg, 10 kg and 20 kg. The size of the packaging may vary according to local regulations.
TechFin® CR 10-2C is a pre-packed factory quality controlled, two component cementitious polymer modified blow hole filler and reprofiling mortar designed as a high quality repairing and finishing mortar for application upto 10mm. Furthermore, it may be used as a skim coat prior to the application of protective coatings. When applied thinly, TechFin® CR 10-2C produces a shrinkage compensated mortar without cracking. Coverage: One unit of mixed TechFin® CR 10-2C will typically yield 24L of mortar. Packaging: TechFin® CR 10-2C is supplied in a composite pack of 40 kilograms.
TechFin® CemPro FS is a one component, self-compacting, fast setting, pourable cementitious repair mortar with high early and ultimate strength for heavy duty trafficable horizontal surfaces such as runways. It is suitable for resurfacing all types of concrete elements that require rapid turnaround for quick return to service or traffic. This includes concrete pavements, car parks, garages, and airport runways. TechFin® CemPro FS is available in 25 & 30 kg pack and has an approximate yield (coverage) of 11.5 litres per 25 kg bag.
TechFin® Crack Seal N Fill is a highly flexible white weather-resistant acrylic polymer paste specifically designed to seal and fill nagging plaster cracks, whether internal or external. When applied, it sets quickly and can be painted or wallpapered. A single pack of TechFin® Crack Seal N Fill is supplied ready for immediate use at the site. It offers excellent bonding characteristics, ease of application, water resistance, aesthetic appearance, and durability. It is available in three different sizes and weights: 1 kg, 5 kg, and 15 kg.

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