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TechnoSeal EPW

Water dispersible epoxy resin floor and wall coating.


TechnoSeal®EPW is a water dispersible high build epoxy coating system suitable for all applications where concrete or masonry requires protection, primer and finished coats for internal concrete floors and walls where good abrasion and chemical resistance is required.TechnoSeal®EPW is typically designed to provide a hardwearing and cleanable decorative finish on walls and floors either on its own as a wearing surface or in a ‘sandwich’ construction between sand and cement renders. TechnoSeal®EPW is supplied in pre-weighed packs ready for on-site mixing and use. It is applied in the same manner as ordinary emulsion paint with the added benefit of application in damp conditions. Once dried TechnoSeal®EPW leaves a tough, nontoxic, easy to clean surface.

Sterling Technotrade