Technocrete® Flexideck System

Car parks are unique buildings in that almost all elements of the structure are normally exposed to the public. These constructions face unique challenges as well as exposure to niche stresses, not to mention substantial chemical and physical abuse.

One of the key areas that need to be carefully considered during the design stage is the floor, as the finish will have to withstand heavy traffic, impacts and automotive chemicals to ensure a long lasting and effective surface.

The Technocrete® Flexideck systems are a range of car park coatings that are designed to be environmentally sustainable and be able to enhance visual appearance, sharpen light reflectivity and to prevent water ingress into any car parking structure. Most of the Technocrete® Flexideck ranges meet the green level requirements and standards thus ensuring sustainability to the environment and those products have the advantage of being the Green car park coatings.

Sterling Technotrade India offers this product range in a variety of attractive colors and finishes- with many options to include bright demarcation marking lines and signage, assisting to regulate traffic movement within the car parks. The line marking products are also provided to clearly demarcate walkways and corridors, guiding pedestrians to and from their vehicles safely. The Technocrete® Flexideck system has a highly accredited fire rating being a perfectly suited flooring system for a variety of environments.

Technocrete® Flexideck Car Park & Smart Deck Waterproofing Systems