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Hydrofin Swellfix 400

Single component, caulk-applied, hydro-swelling joint seal gasket in paste form for sealing construction joints and pipe penetrations.

Techno Proof

Sterling® HydroFin® SwellFix 400 is a single component, hydrophilic waterstop design and formulated for sealing construction joints, pipe penetrations and other concrete joints of smooth and uneven surfaces. Sterling® HydroFin® SwellFix 400 cures and swells in the presence of moisture or water thereby creating a compression seal. Sterling® HydroFin® SwellFix 400 will cure in approximately 24 to 36 hours depending on ambient climate, Curing time decreases with higher temperatures and greater relative humidity. Performance is not affected by the curing time. Sterling® HydroFin® SwellFix 400 is supplied in sausages or in cartridges.

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