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Sterling Thermoculite 400

Multipurpose High Performance and Durability Lightweight Insulating fireproof Mortar.

Sterling® Thermoculite 400 is a bagged ultra-lightweight insulating concrete consist of exfoliated vermiculite, ultra-lightweight aggregate, Portland cement & water designed for use to reduce loss of heat through roof slab. Sterling® TechnoLite Plus System allows architects, engineers and contractors versatility in design, high performance and reasonable cost. Sterling® Thermoculite 400 has unique features for providing both drainage slope and high insulating values to various types of precast concrete units such as core type structural slabs, channel slabs and prestressed single and double tees. Sterling® Thermoculite 400 cast-in-place concrete provides a smooth surface for applying the built-up roofing membrane. Sterling® Thermoculite 400 provides highly efficient insulation performance over multiple years thereby reducing maintenance and total lifecycle costs while delivering maximum ROI in energy savings.

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