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Techfin CrackSeal XP

Single part, Non-shrink, High Strength Powder Crack Sealer for plaster, masonry and concrete.


TechFin® CrackSeal XP is a pre-bagged factory quality controlled single component crack filling and sealing cementitious ready to use material in powder form. When mixed with recommend amount of potable water onsite TechFin® CrackSeal XP produces a highly consistent, smooth, trowellable mortar. It is easy to apply and can be finished or smoothened off with a putty blade or a damp sponge. It sets quickly on application and can be over coated with common paints / coatings. TechFin® CrackSeal XP is composed of a blend of hydraulic cements, fibers and supplementary cementing materials and special chemical additives to give it its unique properties designed to Fill and seal the cracks within Plaster, masonry and concrete surfaces.

Sterling Technotrade