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Techfin Patch O Flex

One component, Fast setting mortar to plug active water Leaks in concrete & masonry.


TechFin®FastPlug is a pre-bagged, factory quality controlled, easy to apply single component rapid setting waterproof plugging mortar which is ready for on-site application to leaking cracks and water seepage areas in concrete and all types of masonry after mixing with water. TechFin®FastPlug is slightly expansive and does not shrink, starts hardening in few seconds and sets within three to five minutes depending on the temperature.

TechFin®FastPlug incorporates of a blend of hydraulic cements, supplementary cementing materials & advanced polymer additives which requires the addition of recommended potable water on site to produce a highly consistent, rapid setting mortar which is easy to apply in many difficult conditions. It contains no chlorides or other admixtures which could promote corrosion of reinforcing steel or pre stressing steel cables.

Sterling Technotrade