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Techfin RM HGW

Single component polymer modified fairing coat and pinhole filler.


TechFin®RM-HGW is a pre-bagged factory quality controlled single component polymer modified fibered cementitious fairing coat that is ready to use and only requires the addition of water on site. Once mixed with potable water on site the products becomes a smooth paste that is used to repair surface imperfections up to 3mm thickness while being compatible with host concrete.

TechFin®RM-HGW is composed of a blend of hydraulic cements, fibers and supplementary cementing materials and special chemical additives to give it its unique properties. TechFin®RM-HGW may also be used as a skim coat prior to application of protective coatings. It is specially formulated to produce a shrinkage compensating mortar with no cracking when applied in a thin section. Adhesion to concrete and flexibility are excellent.

Sterling Technotrade