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TechnoBit Durothane CT

Two-pack coal tar pitch modified polyurethane waterproofing protective & waterproof polyurethane coating system.


TechnoBit® Durothane CT is a two-component polyurethane protective and waterproof coating system modified with premium quality extended coal tar which cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture and forms a seamless highly elastic and solid membrane for all below and above the grade waterproofing specifications.TechnoBit® Durothane CT is designed with a high solid content of premium quality coal tar pitch, polyurethane and additives which gives a high film build-up and has good adhesion to a wide range of substrates including all types of metal and concrete. TechnoBit® Durothane CT used for achieving protective, anticorrosive coating and air-tightness and perfect waterproofing on a multitude of surfaces and substrates such as steel pipelines, structures and other steel and concrete surfaces where salt corrosion is severe.

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