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TechnoBit® TorchSeal Plus

Plastomeric Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane

TechnoBit® TorchSealPlus is a uniquely formulated prefabricated plastomeric waterproofing membrane manufactured from a rich mixture of bitumen and selected APP (Atactic Poly Propylene) polymers blended together to obtain excellent waterproofing properties with a special multilayered design for superior pliability, tensile strength, workability and resistance to elements.TechnoBit® TorchSealPlus multilayered design consists of a spunbonded polyester core coated on both sides with APP modified bitumen. The polyester core gives the membrane high tensile strength, elongation and superior lap joint strength. TechnoBit® TorchSealPlus forms an impervious, permanently flexible waterproof blanket which accepts normal structural movement without breaking or cracking when installed properly.

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