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TechnoCoat ClearSeal PU

Two-pack chemical and uv resistant aliphatic transparent protective & waterproof polyurethane top coat


TechnoCoat® ClearSeal-PU is a two-part transparent, aliphatic, polyurethane resin based topcoat used for long- Lasting waterproofing for variety of surfaces including steel, concrete and fully cured epoxies or Polyurethanes. TechnoCoat® ClearSeal-PU is UV-stable, non-yellowing, weather stable, alkali and chemical resistant and even after aging it remains transparent and elastic.TechnoCoat® ClearSeal-PU protects and waterproofs mineral surfaces against water penetration, frost and smog. Aged and oxidized plastic surfaces look more transparent after coating with TechnoCoat® ClearSeal-PU.

Sterling Technotrade