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TechnoCrete®  P7

SINGLE COMPONENT Acrylic Polymer Waterproofing SYSTEM

TechnoCrete® P7 is an acrylic polymer based elastomeric waterproofing system that is designed to protect concrete and masonry surfaces. In conjunction with cement, TechnoCrete® P7 provides a seamless waterproof coating for concrete and masonry surfaces. It can be used as a waterproof or protective coating.


  • A tough, hard wearing, breathable, impermeable waterproofing system for residential, industrial, housing and commercial buildings.
  • Can be applied in uniform thickness to horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Reduces or prevents salt penetration into concrete.
  • High ultra violet resistance.
  • Highly durable & Economical system.
  • Non toxic, non-flammable & user friendly.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and masonry surfaces.
  • Protects concrete and mortar from natural elements such as wind, rain, sunlight.
  • Breathable – allows inside water vapour to escape.


  • Concrete structures like sunken portion, toilets, balcony, basement, chajjahs, terrace, concrete repairs.
  • Below sloping screed or waterproof plaster on Roofs, terraces and balconies as a sandwich layer.
  • Pools and fountains.
  • Reservoirs and channels.


TechnoCrete® P7 is supplied in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 & 225 Kg plastic container.

Technical properties:

Appearance before mixing with cementMilky white coloured liquid
Appearance when mixed with cementGrey 
Specific gravity1.03 +/- 0.02
pH value>7
Bond strength – 14 days as per ASTM C882-8721 kg/cm2
Waterproofing thickness dft1mm to 1.20mm – two coats
Mix ratio for waterproofing coating1: 2 ( TechnoCrete®P7 : cement )
Dosage for PMM.15-20% by weight of cement
Application temperatureAbove 10°C to 45°C
Flexural strength20 kg/cm2 @ 10% dosage
21 kg/cm2 @ 15% dosage


For waterproofing coating Two coat (with glass fibre mesh) : 1.5 m2 – 1.6 m2 / kg. For waterproofing coating Two coat (without glass fibre mesh) : 1.75 m2 – 1.85 m2 / kg

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