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TechnoFlex AquaShield 550

Single component liquid applied polyurethane resin based elastomeric waterproofing membrane.


TechnoFlex® AquaShield 550 is high build moisture curing elastomeric polyurethane waterproofing membrane. Once cured it forms a tough, seamless, elastomeric, waterproof membrane, with high tensile strength and tenacious adhesion to a variety of substrates. TechnoFlex® AquaShield 550 is designed for use on horizontal and vertical surfaces, covered by a protective screed or render.TechnoFlex® AquaShield 550 is specially formulated for easy roller application of all permanently flexible, tough, high build, long-life waterproof barriers. TechnoFlex® AquaShield 550 system maintain their watertight integrity and prevent the passage of liquid under dynamic, static, continuous, or intermittent hydrostatic pressure.

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