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TechnoFlex Roofguard Fybro

Single-component, high build micro-fibers reinforced acrylic highly elastomeric liquid roofing waterproofing membrane.


TechnoFlex® Roofguard-Fybro is a high build fibre-reinforced, highly elastic acrylic based liquid waterproofing membrane, specially formulated to seal, protect and waterproof roofs in extreme tropical climates. It is designed for easy roller applied, brushable coating available in different colours for application in multiple layers for all types of roofs, Minimum 3 layer application is recommended for best performance.TechnoFlex® Roofguard-Fybro is supplied in the form of a one-component thixotropic paste, ready to use. Once polymerised it is transformed into an UV rays resistant and non-degradable elastomeric membrane, providing a crack-bridging, protective and 100% waterproof coating. It has good adhesion to all common substrates while retaining its elasticity for a long time. When applied, it forms a membrane without joints that seals the surface but at the same time allows it to “breathe”.

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