TechnoProof SilicoRepel WR

Silane/siloxane emulsion penetrative water-repellent impregnating breathable protective coatings for natural stone, concrete & masonry.

Techno Proof

TechnoProof® SilicoRepel Super is a Silane/siloxane emulsion ready-to-use penetrating, vapor-permeable water repellent coating for use on concrete, brick, concrete masonry units and some natural stones. It reduces the ingress of water and waterborne contaminants into the substrate and thereby prevents premature deterioration.TechnoProof® SilicoRepel Super is designed to penetrate into the capillaries of masonry surfaces, pores of concrete and reacting there with the moisture / water vapour present to form a hydrophobic polysiloxane lining to the capillaries and chemically bonds with silica to form a permanent attachment of water repellent molecule.

Sterling Technotrade