TechnoPur Grout Gelflex 2K

Hydrophilic low viscous, water-reactive, extended reaction time and elastic gel-forming two-component polyurethane injection grout system.


TechnoPur® Grout Gelflex 2K is a solvent and phthalate-free two-component MDI-based hydrophilic polyurethane injection system designed with a mixing ratio of 1:1 by volume with extended gel time forming an elastomeric gel. The special characteristics of “permanently elastic” of TechnoPur® Grout Gelflex 2K allow a permanent crack and joint sealing even in case of movement of the crack and The special characteristics of “extended gel time forming” of TechnoPur® Grout Gelflex 2K allow the reaction time between 20–25 minutes independent from the amount of water present in the structure.

Sterling Technotrade