TechnoSeal CrystalFlex 2C

Surface applied Dual-crystallization waterproofing slurry system for Concrete watertight structure for both positive and negative side.


TechnoSeal®CrystalFlex-2C is a dual-crystallization waterproofing slurry system with excellent capillary sealing properties specially designed for watertight Concrete structure for both positive and negative side contains a modified, chloride-free mineral cement-based powder, crystallising, capillary-plugging additives and a formulated styrene-butadiene dispersion liquid. When TechnoSeal®CrystalFlex-2C mixed both components together and applied to the surface of concrete or mortar, an insoluble crystals are formed and developed in the water-bearing capillaries, effectively blocking the passage of water and ensuring permanent water tightness throughout the life of the structure and leaves a coating with excellent pressure- and abrasion resistance and has excellent resistance to chemical compounds.

Sterling Technotrade