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TechnoSeal® CrystalShake BC

High Strength Dry-Shake Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing System

TechnoSeal® CrystalShake BC is new generation hydrophilic crystalline waterproofing and permeability reducing dry-shake powder, effective in enhancing concrete impermeability and durability by effectively sealing concrete surface pores and capillaries and reducing the shrinkage cracks. TechnoSeal® CrystalShake BC is applied as a dry-shake to the fresh concrete surface and trowelled into the concrete during the final finishing, where it penetrates deeply into the concrete mass. The dry shake broadcast method produces a smooth finished floor suitable for typical traffic or application of common floor finishes.


  • Chemical Resistance- Highly resistant to aggressive chemicals, Allows concrete to breathe and provides a range of protection from freeze/ thaw cycles, aggressive subsoil waters, sea water, carbonates, chlorides, sulfates and nitrates.
  • Waterproofing- Stops water movement through concrete, becomes integral part of the structure.
  • Corrosion- Protects reinforcing steel against corrosion.
  • Sealing- Waterproofs minor cracking & seal hairline cracks up to 0.5mm.
  • Permeability- Resists permeation of water from positive & negative side of the concrete.
  • Chemical activation- its waterproofing capability increases with time. I.e. it remains permanently active.
  • Abrasion- Does not get affected by surface wear or abrasion, once the penetration is complete.
  • Hydrostatic pressure- Resists extreme hydrostatic pressure from either positive or negative surface of the concrete slab becomes an integral part of the concrete.
  • Protection- Protects concrete against contaminated water & corrosion.
  • Zero VOC- TechnoSeal® CrystalShake –BC contain zero volatile organic compounds and are safe for use both outdoors and in confined indoor spaces.


  • Foundation & Basement Raft
  • Parking Structure
  • Non Tower Area
  • Constructions Joint
  • Warehouse Floor
  • Traffic Bearing Structure

Technical properties:

AppearanceGrey coloured free flowing powder
Self-healing of static cracksMax. 0.5 mm
CompliancesConfirms to-  ASTM C494 Type S
Water permeability acc. – Positive side: – Negative side:EN 12390-8: < 232 psi < 232 psi
Bulk Density, gm/ccApprox. 1.4
pH of fresh mixed concrete12.00
pH of Hardened Concrete13.00
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