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TechnoSeal Gelflex AY200

Hydrophilic, cross-linked vinyl ester methacrylate resin for injection into honeycombed concrete, capillaries, pores, voids and cracks via injection hoses and packers.


TechnoSeal®Gelflex AY 200 is a versatile, environmentally compatible, 2-component Hydrophilic, cross-linked Vinyl Ester Methacrylate resin modified injection grout developed for injection into pores, cracks, capillaries, voids and honeycombed concrete via injection hoses and packers. TechnoSeal®Gelflex AY 200 consisting of 2 components: a resin and an initiator which are pumped with a twin piston pump at a 1:1 ratio. Once polymerised, TechnoSeal®Gelflex AY 200 forms a resilient, highly elastic gel which is capable of absorbing and desorbing water. Due to its exceptionally low viscosity and low surface tension, TechnoSeal®Gelflex AY 200 exhibits better penetration into cracks than water.

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