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Sterling® Tilefix CLASSIC

Cementitious General Purpose Tile Adhesive with Extra Slip Resistance

Sterling Tilefix Classic is a one component polymer modified cementitious tile adhesive. Sterling Tilefix Classic is a blend of dry powders, acrylic polymer, and selected aggregates which when mixed with water produces a thixotropic paste suitable for tile adhesion.


  • High strength formula
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Improved shock and impact resistance
  • Can withstand thermal stress
  • Easy to install – fast and economical
  • Hassle-free and long lasting


  • Swimming pools or shower area.
  • Movement/vibration joint.
  • Interior or exterior surfaces.
  • Heavily traffic floors.
  • Walls or floors surfaces.


Tilefix Classic is supplied in 30 Kg HDPE bag.

Technical properties:

ColourGrey Colour powder
Pot Life @ 27° C40 – 60 min
Compressive Strength> 4MPa @ 1 Days > 7MPa @ 2 Days
Recommened Thickness3 – 6 mm
Curing TimeMin 24 hours
Mixing Ratio8 – 9 kg water per bag
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