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What is Terrazzo Flooring: Types, Advantages, and Installation

The use of terrazzo tiles in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the flooring of the house is a wonderful way to add style and value to any space. Besides the fact that it is durable and cost-effective, it is also very low maintenance. All these secrets are going to be revealed to you here, along with their benefits and drawbacks.

In recent years, terrazzo flooring has made a comeback as a popular flooring choice. Whether it is public office floors or residential terrazzo flooring, terrazzo tiles have a special place in the Indian market. Considering its influence on design, it is worthwhile to examine what terrazzo floor tiles are and why they are gaining popularity once again.

Below is a quick overview of terrazzo floor tiles as well as an estimate of how much terrazzo flooring costs in India:

What Does Terrazzo Texture Mean?

In flooring, terrazzo refers to a style in which marble chips are incorporated into concrete. The word itself refers to a terrace. It is believed that this technique originated in Italy when craftspeople realized that marble chips laid on top of concrete would be extremely durable and resilient.

In modern versions of the terrazzo floor, a wide variety of colors and patterns are available, which are typical of mid-century modern interiors. In fact, it is because of this reason that terrazzo tiles have gained such a large following over wood and carpeting as well. The cost of marble chips flooring in India can vary between ₹2- ₹1,950 per tonne. It is a lucrative choice due to its variety and cost range.

Terrazzo: How Is It Made?

In the past, marble chips and concrete composites have been used to make terrazzo flooring as a traditional flooring material. A typical example of marble or stone chips in combination with epoxy-resin or concrete is seen today. You can either use terrazzo tiles or pour the terrazzo in situ based on the purpose and the area that needs to be covered. Whether you would like to cover stairs, countertops, walkways, or even furniture in Terrazzo, it is possible with this latter method.

Advantages of Terrazzo Flooring

In India, terrazzo flooring is an affordable option, making it a popular choice. Furthermore, this material is available in an unlimited variety of colors and palettes, which makes it a very versatile material. No matter whether you want terrazzo kitchen floor tiles or bathroom floor tiles, the potential of terrazzo is endless. The following are a few reasons why terrazzo has maintained its popularity over the years:

You Can Customise Terrazzo Tiles

A terrazzo floor can be designed with any number of colours and any size of chips that you desire. As a result, it is an extremely versatile option for creating a dramatic impact and visual interest with flooring alone. In accordance with the installation arrangements, this terrazzo tile can be laid in tile or poured on site. This is what makes it possible to have smooth floors without joints or the need to break tiles.

Terrazzo Tiles Are Durable

Installation of terrazzo floors in high-traffic areas is primarily based on the durability of the flooring. Despite wear and tear, it stands the test of time. As long as it is installed correctly, it does not require frequent replacement or polishing.

Terrazzo Tiles Are Eco-Friendly

Are you interested in sustainable housing? If so, then we recommend that you install terrazzo flooring in your home. The raw materials used in the production of terrazzo tiles include waste materials such as porcelain and broken glass. Doesn’t that sound fascinating?

Terrazzo Tiles Are Also Low-Maintenance

Terrazzo flooring does not require much shine or polishing; a quick sweep and mop will suffice. Therefore, it is a worthwhile investment since it does not require structured maintenance.

Tip: If you are planning on installing terrazzo floors in your home, make sure that you get in touch with the right team as soon as possible. In no way should this be considered a DIY project. It is also important to take care when installing it to prevent cracks or premature wear.

Disadvantages of Terrazzo Flooring

When it comes to flooring, some terrazzo tiles may not be suitable for elders or children. It is therefore necessary to polish them when installing them in the kitchen or bathroom in order to prevent accidents. As a result, their cost may increase. Furthermore, they are not capable of retaining heat during winter, making them inconvenient in areas with lower temperatures.

Terrazzo Flooring Cost in India

Even though terrazzo boasts great design and benefits, it can also be very expensive. Terrazzo flooring costs on average about INR 250 per square foot in India. A terrazzo stone price, however, varies according to the quality, tile size/thickness, seller, and type of terrazzo that you choose. 

Similar to ceramic or vitrified tiles, terrazzo floors can be quite expensive. It is worth it to invest in terrazzo if you are looking for a long-lasting material. Due to its durability, easy maintenance, and eye-catching design, terrazzo flooring is an excellent choice for your home. Additionally, you can reduce the costs by substituting marble chips for stone and installing terrazzo tiles in situ. 

Terrazzo Flooring FAQs – What you need to know

Are Terrazzo Floors Expensive?

The cost of terrazzo floors in India can vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of terrazzo, the size of the project, the complexity of the design, and the location. In general, however, terrazzo floors tend to be more expensive than other types of flooring. This is because terrazzo is a labor-intensive material that requires skilled craftsmanship to install.

Is Terrazzo Cheaper Than Tile?

As far as market standards are concerned, ceramic tiles are less expensive than terrazzo.

What is the lifespan of a terrazzo floor?

The lifespan of a terrazzo floor is dependent on many factors, including the quality of the materials used, the installation process, and the level of care and maintenance. In general, however, a well-made and well-maintained terrazzo floor can last for decades.

When wet, does terrazzo become slippery?

When terrazzo gets wet, the surface can become slippery. This is because the water can cause the tiles to become loose and shift. Additionally, the water can also make the surface of the terrazzo more smooth, which can make it more difficult to grip.

What causes terrazzo to crack?

The primary cause of terrazzo cracking is thermal expansion and contraction. As the temperature changes, the materials in the terrazzo expand and contract at different rates. This can cause the terrazzo to crack. Another common cause of cracking is poor installation, such as improper curing or not using a vapor barrier.

How long after laying terrazo can you walk on it?

After laying terrazzo, you must wait at least 24 hours before walking on it. This is because the terrazzo needs time to set and cure properly. If you walk on it too soon, you risk damaging the terrazzo or causing it to crack.

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